In the studio

work in progress

YOU NAME IT #1 it is a customizable and foldable
bag for kids. It has been designed to complement play and use in a way
that boys and girls get more out of it than just having fun: It
encourages imagination and creativity, concentration, fine motor skills, symbolic play. Kids learn how to make their own bag while having fun.


La Casita de Wendy

One of the things that I love the most in this work is to meet designers, makers, artists and creatives that share a similar philosophy and values ​​to mine, in work and life. People that I admire. That feels a relief to me. Colaborate with La Casita de Wendy has been one of the most beautiful ...


You Name It #1 ✖️The Minimono project 💙

Our customisable and self-assembly bag for kids with a special sticker set by MINIMONO inspired in their sustainable furniture for the whole family..

Roots Radicals

The Picnic Blanket is designed and handcrafted x Roots Radicals. Following a zero waste philosophy, we use onion skin and avocado peels from the Roots Radicals kitchen, to dye wonderful 100% natural cotton from local providers in Germany. To finisch each piece I painted a splashing composition withe texil-water based paintings. All differents, all uniques.

If you are interested in throwing a workshop with me, Get in touch :)