Pendular Pocket kids


YOU NAME IT 01 it is a customizable and foldable bag for kids. It has been designed to complement play and use in a way that boys and girls get more out of it than just having fun: It encourages imagination and creativity, concentration, fine motor skills, symbolic play. Kids learn that they can make things for themselves that are useful.

Put You Name It 01 in the hands of a child and let him or her decide what it is and what to call it. A doctor’s bag, a toolbox, a suitcase, a pirate’s treasure chest, just a pretty bag… let their creativity decide.

Some parts of the process may need the help from an adult and that may be a nice chance to enjoy working together too.

One thing I had in mind when I was designing this piece was the chance to customize over and over again, using materials that allow been removed without damaging the surface, like stickers or tapes. I know how kids love to try different options and change idea every ten minutes and I just thought that would be nice to design something that follows their energy.



My four year old daughter has used this bag for a lot of activities: One moment is her doctor suitcase, the next a picnic basket, hairdresser bag,... And to be honest I have a lot of fun when we just make different decorations together.

If you and your kids enjoy Crafts, it is a pretty nice activity to do together.


Is the first time that I design a product for kids, I've done little versions of my designs for kids before, but this one is something else.

The story of YOU NAME IT 01 is very special to me, because the idea came out during the first lockdown because of the COVID pandemic in March 2020. It's been a very challenging year for us all, and some how this project kept me up and positive.

I played a lot with my daughter during those months when we had to stay mostly at home. We made everything out of cardboard: a car, a rocket, a house, ... and tiny things too: glasses, binoculars, boxes, ... we save all the boxes from parcels and recycled them into all of our new ideas.

Then I thought what a lovely idea for a kid's bag, something they can customize and build and even change as many times as they want. They can develop their creativity, their abilities to build and finally use something that they made with their own personal style.

And that was the begining.

Once I started to create this piece it was obvious to me that it should follows the sustainable values that I try to achieve in my work. So from the idea itself to the materials and packaging all is thoughtful selected to be as sustainable as possible.

You can see all the details in the description of the product in our store.