The Bauhaus

As a little tribute for the centenary of the Bauhaus foundation, I made this color block minimalistic collection.

I’ve always been inspired by this movement, not only aesthetically but its premises such as:

_Less is more. To seek for simplicity, the basics, as a way to avoid superficiality. They focused in functionality to reach the beauty that way.

_The unification of art, crafts and design as a response to the industrial revolution of that time, rethinking the way we wanted to build our future. They believe in training a more complete creative person, capable of think, design and make.

Less is more is still very powerful premise to me. Now, it acquires an ethical significant too. Less is more, less is better in a time of over production and excessive consumption. We must rethink again, the way we want our future.


The Bauhaus Collection, beautifully photographed by Las Coleccionistas.