Flying Stories is a smart Hack for your Smart Phone in cars, planes, trains…This smartphone holder consists of a little rocket shaped surface made of washable paper and an orange cord. It is suitable for all smartphone models and sizes. On the front side of the rocket you can find the product instructions and on the back side, there is a playful pattern suitable to be colored...


This product is not a Pendular Pocket product, it is a collaboration between Katha Covers, Studio Bumbuli and Pendular Pocket, three small sustainable brands from Berlin. You can find a bit more about this collab in:


Flying Stories is a product that emerged from a social media life hack. Social Media brings many smart ideas to existence. We took this social hack and developed a market-ready product, that is creative, lightweight, water resistant and most important reusable.

A sustainable phone holder for kids and adults used in cars, planes and trains – for hands-free/for horizontal entertainment.

And as a special effect, it provides kids extra activity by letting them color the phone holder.

So, who are we? We are Cristina, Marion & Katha. And we're here to make your travels a little more convenient and a lot more enjoyable.

For use: remove the banderole and unfold the paper rocket. Then simply place it between the smartphone and the case. It has pre-folds that easily adapt to your own smartphone. The cord is adjustable in length and removable. 

 For storage: just fold reverse into suitcase shape.


*one size fits all smartphones

*design and handmade in Berlin

*washable, vegan, sustainable


Folded: 8 x 11,5 cm

Open: 8 x 34 cm (without wings)

Weight: 20 gr


In the spirit of sustainability, we do not use packaging. Instead, our product packaging also functions as retail packaging.

Material Information

The rocket is made from a unique material that looks like paper but is super durable. It is made of a paper-plastic mixture (cellulose and latex) and can be washed in the washing m

achine. It is cruelty-free. The material contains no pentachlorophenol, PVC or BPA and is neither harmful to the environment nor to health. This material is absolutely tearproof. Its surface is abrasion-resistant and does not form lint or pills. It is manufactured in Germany and is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning it is tested for harmful substances. The composition consists of more than 60% cellulose. The remaining components are color pigments and latex. The cellulose is obtained from trees from northern European, sustainably managed forests (mostly spruce).
This paper material is machine washable at 60°. However, we recommend cleaning your Flying Stories with a clean and slightly damp cotton cloth.

NOTE: We would like to emphasize that the use of Flying Stories is at your own risk. While the material is very resilient, we cannot guarantee that your smartphone will not fall during use. Flying Stories are not a toy: Please do not leave your children unattended when playing with Flying Stories.