Workshop phone pouch

What we are going to do during this workshop is an ultralight and easywear phone pouch.
It is a circa two hours workshop where we are going to take a fun walk through the whole proccess of making a bag, it will be a simple version of it so you can have a nice time and take home an item that you can wear for a long time.

We'll apply the same material that I use to make most of the pieces in my collections for Pendular pocket. It is a very special and durable material and you'll get to know first hand how versatile and fun to work with is.
I've designed this workshop having in mind the idea of use the less tools possible. Something relatable and reachable for non crafters and fun for crafters too.
In these two hours we are going to design, cut, paint, sew, chat and hopefully learn a couple of new things, which is always good news.