Process and products

I design and make every piece in my studio and occasionally I produce limited editions in small ateliers nearby. I believe that working in every piece carefully and individually are added values to the process and to each product. Patterns are a very important part of my process too. The printed collections are painted by hand with water-based textile markers and paintings.

Why I am using this new material in my collections?

I’ve been developing this project of designing and making bags for more than sixteen years now. I’ve been exploring and applying different materials into my ideas and concepts, from all kinds of fabrics and leather to this new material now.

It was love at first sight. I couldn’t believe how this material, very much alike to paper, could have the consistency of a strong fabric. I started to work with it to test it and the love grew deeper as I realized all the possibilities and good characteristics it has, such as water resistance and lightweight. Besides it is produced in Germany and is cruelty free and ecological (accredited by Oeko-Tex, which tests for harmful substances). Knowing all this, it just became a logical and natural choice to introduce it in my work. Another reason was that, I always find a big part of inspiration in the material I work with, how it behaves. And this one particularly inspired me to do things very close to the stationery products, which I'm obsessed with. Tiny cabinets and folders to carry your daily stuff?... I just loved the idea.