Copy of About me (all)

Hi! I am Cristina Paniagua, the creative mind and hands behind Pendular pocket
My academic training encompasses Fine Arts and Design. My expertise is focused on design and handcraft bags and wallets with several materials. Also designing patterns has became a main part of my creative process.
I love to make bags. I find them very appealing objects, not only their shapes but also conceptually. A bag works in a multitude ways: as an ornament you carry with yourself, but it also works just over a table or hanging from a rack. And we cannot forget its most useful service: as a storage piece. For all these things, a bag is a very interesting object to design. And this is what I do for living: exploring its possibilities always keeping in mind the practicality, beauty and comfort

About sustainability and the products.
I've been always very concerned about sustainability focused on fair Trade and local production. I consider very important to support and to understand small businesses like mine where benefits are very tight and prices are more realistic within our own context.
As this project has grown over the years, this concern has been amplified to other important issues such as being kind, ethical and conscious, not only with people, but with our environment too.
I feed my energy doing what I love the most and being honest with the product I make. 
Mostly of the items are handcrafted in my studio. And occasionally I produce limited editions in small ateliers nearby. 
The Paper Collection is made out of a unique material which looks like paper or leather, depends on how you treat it. This material consists of a cellulose and latex mixture and can be washed in the washing machine. It is cruelty free and produced in Germany and It is accredited by Oeko-Tex, which tests for harmful substances.

Process and development
Why I am using this new material in my collections?
I’ve been developing this project of designing and making bags for more than sixteen years now. I’ve been exploring and applying different materials into my ideas and concepts, from all kinds of fabrics and leather to this new material now.
It was love at first sight. I couldn’t believe how this material, very much alike to paper, could have the consistency of a strong fabric. I started to work with it to test it and the love grew deeper as I realized all the possibilities and good characteristics it has, such as water resistance and lightweight among others.
I’ve always been very concerned about fair Trade, local production and sustainability, and how difficult is to be a small business these days. So when I learned more about the material, that is produced in the EU and the facts of being cruelty free and ecological, It just became a logical and natural choice to introduce it in my work.
Patterns are a very important part of my process too. The printed collections are painted by hand with water-based textile markers and paintings. To place the lining, I use solvent-free contact glue.
In order to support local business I buy all the materials related to the production within the EU. Most of my suppliers are from Spain and Germany.
My commitment is to be as sustainable as possible with all the materials, fabrics, products I use and of course people I work with. Always learning and improving about this matters.
I hope you enjoy my work   ^_^   Thanks for passing by!