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The Sunset

It is mesmerizing when the Sun goes down the sea, a few minutes when you can see a natural spectacle of lights. The Sunset collection grows from my memories of the sunsets by the sea in my homeland, Galicia. The colours, the smell of the sea and the last minutes of sun that I remember from those moments have inspired this new print. Warm and fresh, hypnotist and alive.   The Sunset Collection, beautifully photographed by Las Coleccionistas.  

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The Drawing Collection

Making bags from drawings was the idea of these items not the other way around. I mean, when you draw a pattern, you always keep in mind the final shape of the support where is going to be applied. In this particular case I draw over leather as if I was drawing on paper. This time was more like let me convert these drawings into bags.  Once again beautiful shooting by Catalina Pérez.

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