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Black, Joy & Stone

Pendular Pocket's new collection is made out of this wonderful paper-based material. Keeping its original rigidity we built, close to the origami techniques, this collection of bags and wallets.  Every pattern is unique, painted by hand. Bright colours over white, to put a touch of light to a grey day. Classic black, a retro metallic closure and a touch of modern matte finish, make this long lasting style. The Paper Collection, beautifully photographed by Las Coleccionistas.  

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The Drawing Collection

Making bags from drawings was the idea of these items not the other way around. I mean, when you draw a pattern, you always keep in mind the final shape of the support where is going to be applied. In this particular case I draw over leather as if I was drawing on paper. This time was more like let me convert these drawings into bags.  Once again beautiful shooting by Catalina Pérez.

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The E bag Collection

A handcrafted long lasting leather bag. It is medium size and minimal style with a bit of retro. You can customize it changing the colourful piece that locks the bag,  a minimum detail that changes everything. This is one of the first works I made completely handcrafted, no machines involved, just my hands and small tools.  Awesome shooting by Catalina Pérez.

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